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Carboline Protective Coatings & Linings

Carboline Protective Coatings & Linings (Since 1998)
As an agent for one of the world leading manufacturers of protective coating and lining of high performance including fire-proofing. Sales, technical assistance and advise.

Carboline Company is dedicated to supplying high performance coatings, linings and fireproofing products around the world through continuous technological improvements and first class service. 

Company Philosophy...

Our products and services are designed to satisfy our customers' needs by:

  • Protecting assets from the effects of corrosion, erosion, abrasion, physical abuse, weather, fire, etc.
  • Providing value through improved appearance, improved ease of cleaning and mitigation of product contamination
  • Contributing to improved fabrication or to structural integrity
The Carboline Team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers by providing:
  • Highly trained experts in problem solving
  • Exceptional service on delivery
  • Striving to be the "easiest to do business with"

We offer our customers the most technically-sound products, the highest quality in manufacturing, superior customer services, and industry leading technical service.

Global Product Development and Manufacturing:

With one of the most advanced Global R&D facilities dedicated to the development of high performance coatings, Carboline is able to provide unique solutions for anywhere in the world. Combined this with over 20 manufacturing facilities around the globe, and Carboline is able to consistently produce and deliver high quality products to our customers worldwide. This flexibility allows us to supply and service the most comprehensive line of coatings and fireproofing materials of any supplier in the world. Regardless of your location, Carboline has the products you need to protect your assets. Wherever you are, Carboline products are there.

Carboline is a subsidiary of RPM International Inc. (NYSE: RPM) a multinational holding company with subsidiaries that manufacture and market high-performance coatings, sealants and specialty chemicals, primarily for maintenance, repair and improvement applications.  

Our comprehensive line of problem solving technologies has earned the trust and confidence of customers around the globe. Technologies include water based, 100% solids, and VOC compliant formulations backed with extensive testing and a multitude of case histories. Whether the need is for corrosion protection, fire protection, chemical resistance, long-term weathering, color stability, quick-to-service, abrasion, insulation, heat resistance, or immersion linings; Carboline delivers…

Carboline Protective Coatings & Linings Equipment

Product Types

Below is a table showing some products based on type:

Acrylics Additives Alkyds
Baked Phenolics Coal Tars Epoxy Amines
Epoxy Novolacs Epoxy Polyamides Epoxy Phenalkamines
Fireprooing (Cementitious) Fireproofing (Gypsum Based) Fireproofing (Intumescent)
Flowcrete® Resinous Flooring Fluorourethanes Petrolatum Tapes
Polyaspartics Polyesters Polyureas & Hybrids (Elastomeric)
Polyurethane Finishes Polyurethanes (Rigid) Silicones
Siloxanes Vinyl Esters Water Based Products
Zincs (Inorganic) Zincs (Organic)

Product Brands

Below is a table showing some products based on brands:

Epoxy Primers & Finishes
Industrial Alkyds
Water-borne Acrylics

Flake-Glass Polyester

Surface-Tolerant Epoxy Mastics

Surface-Tolerant Epoxy Mastics

Aliphatic Polyurethanes

Insulative Coatings

Weldable Pre-Construction Primers

Petroleum Based Tape Wraps

Ultra-Weatherable Finishes

Inorganic & Organic Zinc-Rich

Thin-Film Intumescent Fireproofing
Resinous Flooring
Light Industrial Service Coatings

Architectural Intumescent Fireproofing

Chemically Resistant Coatings & Linings

Ultra High-Performance Tank Linings

Coatings & Linings for Pipelines

High Denisity Cement Based Fireproofing

Low Density Gypsum Based

Polyurea & Hybrid Polurethane Elastomers

Penetrating Sealers

Tile-Like Wall Finishes and Floor Coatings

Chemical Resistant Coatings forConcrete

High-Heat Coatings

Epoxy-Based Intumescent

Solvent based Intumescent


Product Applications

Below is a table showing some products based on brands:

Architectural/Commercial Fireproofing Bonding Primers Coatings Under Insulation
Concrete Repair Direct To Metal Finishes Floor Coatings
Flowcrete® Resinous Floor
High Temperature Coatings Industrial Fireproofing
Intermediate Coats Pipeline Exteriors Pipeline Interiors
Potable Water Linings Pre-Construction Primers Primers For Concrete
Primers For Steel Secondary Containment (Concrete) Single Pack Finishes
Surface Tolerant Epoxies Tank Linings (Baked On) Tank Linings (Thick Film)
Tank Linings (Thin Film) Tank Linings (Trowel-On) Tank Linings (Solvent Free)
Thermal Insulative Coatings Thick Film Claddings Two Pack Finishes
Ultra Weatherable Finishes    

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